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Artisans D'Angkor

As a World Heritage Site, Angkor is renowned for the magnificent vestiges of the ancient Khmer Empire that it contains..

Set against the backdrop of the glorious temples of Angkor, Artisans d'Angkor is a Cambodian company of arts and crafts devoted to the revival and preservation of Cambodian traditional savoir-faire.

Artisans d'Angkor works closely with craftsmen to create, produce and market a collection of authentic, upscale products. It conducts research efforts to select local materials, colors and textures that reflect Cambodian cultural esthetics. Their key focus is ornamental sculpture, lacquer ware, silk weaving and silk painting.

Artisans d'Angkor
promotes the fair, sustainable development of Cambodian arts and crafts with benefits to rural communities. It provides training to young Cambodians, enabling them to rediscover lost ancient talents and make a living from their skills while working right in their home villages. It has created over 1,000 jobs, of which 624 involve craftsmen. Twelve workshops are currently operating in Siem Reap province. Since its establishment, Artisans d'Angkor has pioneered a new social policy in Cambodia with guaranteed levels of pay along with social and medical benefits. The craftsmen have formed an association known as Artisanat Khmer, which holds a 20-percent share in the company.

Artisans d'Angkor also supports local handicraft producers selected for the quality of their work by helping them to market their products.

Based on the strong belief that true beauty springs from the inside, the quintessence of Artisans d'Angkor's products is to promote Cambodian traditional savoir-faire. In doing so, we are helping build the pride of the Cambodian people in their roots as well as giving them a sense of well-being, dignity and self-esteem to better approach the future.

Visit the Artisan D'Angkor Website