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Rurik Jutting From quiet Surrey schoolboy to sadistic sex monster of Hong Kong - Khmer News - Explore Angkor Wat

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Rurik Jutting: From quiet Surrey schoolboy to sadistic sex monster of Hong Kong

He studied Law and History during his university years, and achieved a first class honours degree in the latter subject. He did not match that achievement with his Law studies, however, because the faculty did not understand his “brilliance" - or so he told psychiatrists. Pictures on Jutting’s social media showed an idyllic university life. A young Rurik punting down the River Cam with female friends and eating lavish meals with fellow students in grand surroundings. A bright future awaited the clearly gifted student on graduation in 2008, but deep flaws in his personality had already been ingrained.   Cracks appear in Jutting’s soaring career as his love life crumbles With an impressive academic record, Jutting had a range of options as his career lay before him. But he chose banking in what appears to be a clear pursuit of the high salary that might offer him the standing among his peers that he craved. A decade later, he said in videos recovered by police that his “liberal economic upbringing" caused him to instinctively link money with happiness. This outlook was in contrast to the Indonesian prostitutes who would become his victims. They were genuinely happy women who cared for their families despite their poor backgrounds. But this was seen as weakness by Jutting, who noted how easy it was to dominate such people. On leaving university, Jutting joined Barclay’s Structured Capital Markets (SCM) team in London, where he earned £140,000, the court heard. The division, which was said to have been wound down in February 2013, was criticised by Lord Lawson for engaging in “industrial-scale tax avoidance”. Jutting had left Barclays in 2010, and had joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where he was quickly promoted and earned large bonuses. But his life began to fall apart in 2012, when an internal bank audit investigated Jutting over a tax product he was trying to sell in Luxembourg. He was flagged as a serious risk to his employers and then sent to another part of the bank. Jutting’s personal life was also beginning to unravel at this time, as he had experienced the break up of a serious relationship in 2012, according to reports. Although he had subsequent girlfriends after the break-up, none of them were long term. With no emotional attachments and rising pressures at work, Jutting was seconded to Hong Kong in 2013 – a move that made him feel like he had been sidelined.   A year in Hong Kong: The descent into narcissism, sex and drugs Jutting had a lonely, monotonous existence in the former British colony.  And the search for an outlet where he could find excitement and relief from his high pressure job was becoming intense. “Their life is kind of sad and boring,” said one former investment banker. “Fourteen hour shifts, no friends, no transferable skills, empty homes, no relationships, lots of abuse and control coming onto them, a boring job that they cannot explain, and no idea what is going on because they do not even have the time to read the newspaper. "That explains all the drugs and hookers.” Jutting sought solace in the endless drifting between his luxury apartment in the Wan Chai district and his office with frequent visits to his favourite local pub, the Old China Hand. But he would mostly enjoy spending time in Hong Kong’s sleazy nightclubs and bars, where young girls from poor communities in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines would often dance with rich expats, making them feel like demigods. Jutting had paid prostitutes for sex during his years in London, a period when he had also enjoyed heavy drinking, he told the court psychiatrists. But as he began spending more of his time among Hong Kong’s sex workers, drugs were taking hold of his life. In the spring of 2014 he was at the Waldorf hotel with a group of prostitutes and had taken so much cocaine that he missed a meeting at work. Explore Angkor Wat