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Siem Reap Lowdown

One big turnout for one big, green clean up

Many hands make for light work.

Having just organised another Siem Reap Green Day Clean Up, Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa’s general manager Hanno Stamm is now gearing up for the Big Sit.

On Saturday the hotel held its annual Green Day.

Here in Siem Reap, the hotel organises an annual clean up, and in the past it has always been at Angkor Wat.

But this year Stamm wanted to do something different – spruce up the downtown environment by cleaning the area surrounding the central park and the banks on both sides of the Siem Reap river.

Stamm said the decision


A big Buddha’s impending unveiling

Sulata Sarkar and her team during the construction of the big Buddha in August 2008.

INDIAN philanthropist Sulata Sarkar’s dream gift to the people of Siem Reap is nearing completion, with a special ceremony held last Friday to mark the construction of a pedestal to house the monumental project.

Back in August 2008, Sulata Sarkar told The Post she had almost completed a two-and-a-half-year “labour of love” that she is bequeathing to the people of Siem Reap.

She had commissioned the carving of a huge sandstone Buddha statue to sit on top of a lotus


One lost, though another gained

A Karl Grobl photograph from the exhibition Exploring Asia.

It was going to be a big one for Hotel de la Paix Arts Lounge.

The site was set to continue its journey of travelling to the edge of the art continuum with the opening of its new Sasha Constable-curated exhibition, Rebirths, on Sunday evening.

The invites had gone out. Preview photos had been distributed showing an intriguing mix of human hair sculptures, wedding photos and depictions of raging fires consuming entire buildings.

The official press release had also been circulated, describing this as another first in local art showings.


Goin' gooey-eyed in the gazebo

The Hotel de la Paix's gazebos cannot be beaten for romance in southeast Asia.

Hotel de la Paix has added more cred to its claim that it is one of the world's most romantic hotels has been declared one of the top 10 locations in which to propose, according to a list compiled by boutique hotel travel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith.

La Paix promptly points out that it is the only hotel in southeast Asia to feature in the list.

Hotel de la Paix has been wooing the romance market for some time, and six


Entering a world of weirdness at the Cambodian Cultural Village

The controversial UNTAC soldier wax exhibit. MEKONG NET PHOTO GALLERY

The big question hovering over Siem Reap’s most bizarre tourist attraction, the Cambodian Cultural Village, located along the Airport Road 6, is what ever happened to the remains of the unknown UNTAC soldier once depicted in the museum walking out of a local drinking den with a hot little bar girl in his arms?

And indeed, are there any remains remaining?

Has he been tucked away in a storage room somewhere in Siem Reap? Or has he and his dodgy consort simply been melted down to become a blob of worn-out wax?


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