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Siem Reap Lowdown

Museum fails to attract the temple tourists

Photo by: Bejan Siavoshy
Preah Norodom Sihanouk-Angkor Museum.

Siem Reap’s million-dollar Preah Norodom Sihanouk-Angkor Museum was inaugurated with great fanfare in November 2007, but its promise of becoming an important tourism add-on never eventuated.

Now the museum itself is in danger of becoming a museum piece. It has a sorry air, it’s dusty and drab, the surrounding gardens are mostly untended, and the building itself is slowly declining into disrepair.


Golfers swing off the fairway

Lin Kyaw Latt, representing UK/Singapore/Malaysia, sends a ball flying down the fairway.

The sweltering 37-plus degree heat and side effects of complimentary booze were not enough to deter an international group of golfers from participating in Siem Reap’s second annual FCC Nation’s Cup, held at Angkor Golf Resort on May 8 and 9.

The proceeds of the social tournament, just over US$450, were donated to the Indochina Starfish Foundation, which runs a charity football program and educates Cambodian children.


Opening a bar is no easy business

Photo by: Peter Olszewski
Dean Williams stands outside the unusually successful Miss Wong.

It’s 6.30pm and Srey Oun tends the broom, cleaning the floor of the Missing In Action bar in downtown Siem Reap’s The Lane, near Pub Street. She’s readying the bar for the evening’s trade, or lack of it, because the owner, her husband Joel Tanner, is missing in action himself.

He’s back in Australia working for The Man because his bar hasn’t been bringing in the bucks as expected. In fact, according to Srey Oun, it has been so poor that the business, which only opened in November, is up for sale for $12,000.

It’s an oft repeated story in Siem Reap, just another bar gone bust, just another lifestyle dream soured.


Siem Reap's roads are about to get raucous

The interior of the limo is in no danger of being described as understated.

How far can a stretch limousine be stretched? About as much as Sokha Angkor Resort’s ten-cylinder, white version in Siem Reap has been. This curious machine takes the concept about as far as it can go.

Sokha’s Siem Reap stretch limousine, and its black counterpart at the Sokha Beach Resort in Sihanoukville, are touted as the longest limos in Cambodia with both machines measuring 9.5 metres.

But don’t bother asking about the tech specs of the 2005 Ford limousine because nobody seems to know and nobody cares.


Temple town fashion reaches the world

Elizabeth Kiester of Wanderlust.

Siem Reap’s fashionistas, textile designers and manufacturers are taking their wares to the world, with man of the cloth Morimoto Kikuo leading the pack in the international exposure stakes.

Morimoto, an international expert and manufacturer of hand-woven Khmer textiles, is usually holed up in his 23-hectare “wisdom of the forest” commune near Siem Reap town.

But he’s been lured from his rural hideout to become an international jetsetter promoting and exporting his wares.

On May 15 he was spotted in a most unlikely habitat – Lucky Supermarket where, cornered in an aisle, he held an impromptu press conference for 7Days, declaring that he was provisioning before departing for Japan later in the day.


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