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Siem Reap Lowdown

Later, curator

The launch of a new exhibition at Hotel De La Paix’s Arts Lounge on Tuesday night represents a change of guard in curatorship.

Exiting, amicably, is the Arts Lounge’s long-term curator Don Protasio, and the official word is he wants to explore new pursuits. Protasio represented the new wave in art circles and he will be replaced by Sasha Constable, who in a sense represents the old guard as she has been a stalwart of the Cambodian expat art scene since her arrival in the kingdom in 2000.


Need we prepare for tumbling temples?

Are the temples of Angkor falling down? Ken Feisel/Bloomber

Water is a great concern for Siem Reap residents. Last year we virtually had no water for more than six weeks due to the supply being cut for roadworks. Then, shortly after regular supply was reinstated, we were deluged with water during the worst floods the city had seen in recent memory.

But the world at large is also concerned about our water – the worry is that tourists are using so much that the ground table is sinking and the temples are tumbling.


Durians due for facelift

Photo by: Peter Olszewski
7Days’ Thika Chariya savours a Kampot durian – she adores the aroma but says the smell gives her auntie a headache.

Few fruits, if any, raise as much emotion as the Southeast Asian durian. It’s both venerated and reviled, mainly because of its pungent smell. Most travellers in the region bemusedly recall signs in hotels and public transport banning the fruit.

Chefs in a ​shuffle

Joannes Riviere is moving on from his position as executive chef at the Hotel de la Paix and his deputy chef, Bryan Gardener, will take his place. For both men and the hotel, the move presents opportunities for exploring new avenues, especially for Joannes who is set to branch out on his own in Siem Reap.

Female artist wows Phnom Penh

Try Sophal's award-winning photograph The Life of a Young Artist
Siem Reap’s 21-year-old photography student Try Sophal was a big winner on June 24 at the awards ceremony and exhibition of the You Khin Memorial Women’s Art Prize at Java Café and Gallery in Phnom Penh.

The prize was initiated by the US embassy and JavaArts to inspire and encourage Cambodian women to express themselves and recognise the power and importance of women in the arts.

Both established and student artists were invited t


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